Super Fly

The Black Trail

A 50m run in to get your feet settled on the pedals is all you get.

Into a Qualifying drop of 7 feet. If you can’t do this, go no further.

Through some twists and into a nasty rock jump to berm. Down the chute, brakes won’t help you here. A short rest to gather yourself and then to the small set up table. This leads you into another drop, and then the rock garden. Through the wooded section with roots and jumps and out into the surfaced step up section.

Back into the woods for a short while to set up for the road gap into the 20ft plus senders with a cheeky hip out of the last one. A twisty steep section brings you out into the lower field after hitting the second road gap, this ones got a bit more bite.

Compose yourself for some larger jumps to bring you down into the finish arena.