MIJ Downhill round 3 - Oscar Powell

MIJ Downhill round 3 -  Oscar Powell
Sunday, 16th July 2017

Last weekend saw the 3rd round of the MIJ downhill series at the Cannop Cycle Centre in the Forest of Dean. It was also the first time I had ridden a downhill bike for more than one day before the race. Thanks to Chris from Leisure Lakes Bikes for the lend!

A day of practice on Saturday certainly gave me some extra track knowledge and the mega quick uplift definitely allowed me to get the max number of runs in. Thanks to Phil and Si for that!

Sunday came around and the day started with a track walk with my teammate Luka. We managed to spot a few lines to gain us this extra tenths of seconds.First run down was pretty decent apart from getting mega loose in some sections. I did not expect it but I was sat in first.

After a bit of a break and watching a bit of the World Cup I was ready to go down the hill again. I managed to keep hold of first place with a time of 49.4… only two hundredths of a second off 3rd place in the pro category. This made my first win on a downhill bike, which was an ace feeling.

Hopefully I can add to it with a few more victories in the future.