Luka Chadwick Team Rider's Season Recap

Luka Chadwick Team Rider's Season Recap
Monday, 2nd October 2017

Season Recap

2017 has been a busy one. I started the year on my bike, and continued throughout the last couple of winter months. January saw my first downhill race in over a year and a half, but by February, I'd managed to break my hand a week before the next Mini Downhill at the Forest of Dean. By April, I'd totalled two forks and was ready to walk away from the sport after having sustained pretty severe concussion alongside a list of minor injuries which made the next few weeks rather uncomfortable. It wasn't looking to be my season; however, the next few rides reignited my passion for mountain biking, and I was eager as ever to get back between the tapes.

An uplift day on the fast and rough tracks of Antur Stiniog caused a loose pivot bolt on my Norco Aurum, which was gone before I could notice. Now, the sensible thing to do in this situation is to replace the parts...the mountain biker thing to do is replace the bike. I'd been keen to get a new bike for a while, and this provided the perfect excuse. The 'silver lining'. Leisure Lakes Bikes sourced me a shining new Pivot Phoenix frame and then built it up to my specifications, and I couldn't have been happier with how it turned out. A few months down the line, and it's bedded in, and pretty much set up perfectly for my riding style.

Summer saw some good days on the bike, and my most consistent race season yet. I've improved my fitness and strength (and diet) thanks to our amazing Coach Greco, and I've improved my riding skills and stamina as a result of it. As the summer draws to an end, I'm making plans for my 2018 season, and I'm going into this autumn/winter with more confidence and commitment than ever before. The winter training starts now.