Final MIJ downhill round at the Forest of Dean - by Ben Sage

Final MIJ downhill round at the Forest of Dean - by Ben Sage
Saturday, 7th October 2017

September started with the final MIJ downhill round at the Forest of Dean, for practise the track was dusty and new sections had just been cut in, on the race day the rain started mid way through practise; washing out the majority of the track! The top section ended up getting very slidey and wet, which got carried down onto the roots of Endo.

After seeing lots of riders fall in the changing conditions I did both of my race runs, I stayed up in both the runs but had to change some of the faster risky lines for slower safer ones, this paid off slightly and I finished in 7th.

I’m unsure of the overall results of myself at the moment but I got to every round and consistently finished within a few places every time.

After this I visited the Forest of Dean a number of times, one of which to have a run around the family trail to get my legs spinning a bit more!

A couple of days after this I had a relaxed uplift day in some damp conditions before I started packing for university!

My next races will be the Mini Downhill Series at the Forest Of Dean, Flyup 417 will be hosting various events I will be at also. But for now I am off to uni and will be trying to get in the gym and working with Anna Greco (Our Coach) to develop strength going into winter!