Amanda Tanfield - Ladies do DH and Races

Amanda Tanfield - Ladies do DH and Races
Sunday, 5th November 2017

It was back to school for me in September after a glorious 6 weeks off over the summer. The best perk of being a Primary Teacher. September was very quiet with plenty of weekend riding but best of all I've run lots of ‘Ladies do DH’ days. Follow my ladies group on Facebook and Instagram. These days are growing which is brilliant as it means more ladies on the trails. Get in!

It was in in October that I ran my biggest ladies day yet. 46 women booked onto a day of coaching, sessioning, racing but best of all plenty of fun. It was amazing to see so many women at Flyup 417 Bike Park. Even better was their reaction to the day. Plenty of smiling faces at the end of the day asking when the next one was.

The only race I've done recently was a cheeky mini enduro where surprisingly I came in 2nd in my category out of 7. This was deemed their trickiest enduro yet which made it all the more rewarding with the outcome. Standing on the podium was great especially after a year of working hard to get back my game.

The end of October brought cold weather and this meant it was time for the indoor dirt jumps and pump track. Most Thursday and/or Friday nights are great to go along to. Hopefully I'll see you there, do say hi.